Roga nidana

Roga nidana
Roga nidana department

Roganidana is the branch of Ayurveda which deals with the pathophysiology of diseases. The department of Roganidana is a contribution of different diagnostic criteria of different diseases. This subject is included in the 2nd year BAMS curriculum.
In this subject different kinds of perspective methods are explained for drawing out the final diagnosis and prognosis. The mission of the department is to promote for the correlation of ancient acharyas references to the improved quality of advanced diagnostic tools which are helpful aid for diagnosis as well as prognosis.
Facilities available in the department
1. Laboratory unit with many microscopes for demonstration of microscope investigations.
2. Laboratory as a central unit in the hospital.
3. Wet specimens installed in the stands.
4. Department charts of diseased conditions and the basic information.
5. Departmental Library