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NCISM Requirements

1 Details of non-teaching staff of college and hospital staff

College non teaching Staff Information

Hospital Staff Information

2 Details of the sanctioned intake capacity of various courses under graduate as well as post graduates

NCISM Permission Copy

RGUHS Permission 2018-19

Court Order

3 List of students admitted, meritwise, categorywise for the current and previous year

PG Students List-2018-19

PG Students List-2019-20

UG Students List-2018-19

UG Students List-2019-20

UG Students List-2022

PG Students List-2022

4 Research publications during the last one year

Research Articles

5 Details of continuous medical education (CME) programmes, conferences and any academic activities conducted by the institution

1 Samhita Siddhanta & Sanskrit

Shishyopanayan Samskara 2018

Sanskrit shibhir M

2 Shareera Rachana

Dept of Rachana Sharir

HSK Visit-2019

3 Shareera Kriya

Report-2019 Guest talk

HSK Visit-2019

4 Dravyaguna


World Environmental day

5 Rasashastra & Bhaishajyakalpana

Bharat Samskriti Utsava-5 2018

Horticultural Mela-2018

6 Roganidana

Poster Presentation Competition

Report on Museaum & Laboratory Visit

7 Swasthavritta & Yoga


Guest Lecture 2019

Celebration of IDY-2019

8 Agadatantra

Anti –Tobacco Day

Forensic Medicine & Toxicology Department S. N. Medical College

‘Mock trial room’ of Nandimath Law College

9 Kayachikitsa

Camp on BMD Report

Camp on Joint Disorders Report

Essay Competition Report 2019

Miraga Report 2019

10 Shalyatantra

Diabetic foot ulcer camp 2019

Guest talk 1 april 19

Guest talk 2 april 19

Piles Camp 2018

Renal camp repott 2019

Sandhigata vata

11 Shalakyatantra

Shalakya department Report 2019

12 Koumarbhrutya

KB Report activities 2019


13 Streeroga & Prasootitantra

Free Health Checkup Camp

Health Awareness camp Report

Guest Lecture

SNMC visit Report


SRPT 2019 11.2.2020 Ilakal

14 Panchakarma

Ayur Soundarya Report

Physiotherapy report-2019

Sandishoola Report

Vasantik Vamana Report

Sharad Virechana

Varsha Basti

DEPARTMENT OF PANCHAKARMA on 25-11-2019 and 26-11-2019.

Wel come to Ayurved Medical College & Hospital

  • BVVS Ayurved Medical College and Hospital is based up in Bagalkot city of Karnataka, was incepted in the year 1998. The institution is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Karnataka, Bangalore and approved by National Commission for Indian System Of Medicine, New Delhi. This two decades journey is an epic in providing the need of standard medical education in Indian system of Medicine attracting the students from different parts of India. Initially the strength of students was 60, which in successive years increased and today every year 100 students take admission to a 4 ½ years bachelor medicine and surgery (B.A.M.S) course and 4 Post Graduate Courses in the Department of Dravyaguna, Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana, Kayachikits a and Shalya Tantra. Each department has its own museums, departmental libraries, demonstration rooms, tutorial room and staff rooms. Few departments also have exclusive, well established laboratories. College campus comprises of Herbal Garden spread over 31/2 acres of land comprising of more than 12,000 herbal vegetation. BVVS Ayurveda comprises of inbuilt house pharmacy which has been formulating more than 160 Classical Ayurved Products to meet the needs of the patients treated under BVVS Ayurved Hospital and soon to fall under GMP Certified Pharmacy.

6 Details of any awards and achievement received by the students or faculty

Students Rank FBS Report

7 Details of the affiliated university and its vice-Chancellor and Registrars

Details of affiliated University and its Vice-chancellor and Registrars

8 Result of all the examinations of last one year

PG Result-Sep 2018


9 Detailed status of recognition of all the courses

NCISM Permission

RGUHS Permission 2018-19

10 Details of Clinical material in the hospital

Clinical Materials in the hospital September-2019

Clinical Materials in the hospital October-2019

Clinical Materials in the hospital November-2019



11 Monthwise analysis of attendance of teaching, non-teaching college staff, students and patients in OPD and IPD

Hospital staff September - 2019

IPD Details Sept 2019

OPD Details Sept 2019

Teaching Staff attandence-Sept - 2019

Non -Teaching Staff attandence-Sept - 2019

PG Dravyaguna Attendance September 2019

PG Kayachikitsa Attendance September 2019

PG Rasashastra & Bhaishajya Kalapana Attendance September 2019

PG Shalya Tantra Attendance September 2019

BAMS Attendance October-2019

BAMS Attendance Sept-2019

1st Year BAMS Attendance November-2019

4th Year BAMS Attendance November - 2019

1st Year BAMS Attendance January 2020

2nd Year BAMS Attendance January 2020

3rd Year BAMS Attendance January 2020

4th Year BAMS Attendance January 2020

Hospital staff October - 2019

Non -Teaching Staff attandence-Oct- 2019

IPD October- 2019

OPD October- 2019

PG DG Attendance October 2019

PG RSBK Attendance October 2019

Teaching Staff attandence-Oct- 2019

PG Kayachikitsa Attendance October 2019

Hospital staff November - 2019

Non -Teaching Staff attandence-Nov- 2019

No of IPD in nov 2019

No of OPD in nov 2019

PG RSBK Attendance Nov - 2019

PG Shalya Tantra Attendance Nov - 2019

Teaching Staff attandence-Nov - 2019

PG Dravyaguna Attendance Nov - 2019

PG Kayachikitsa Attendance Nov - 2019

1st Year BAMS Attendance December 2019

2nd Year BAMS Attendance December 2019

3rd Year BAMS Attendance December-2019

4th Year BAMS Attendance December - 2019

Hospital staff December - 2019

Non Teaching Staff attandence-Dec - 2019

Number of ipd in Dec 2019

Number of opd in Dec 2019

Number of ipd Jan 2020

Number of opd in Jan 2020

PG DG attendance dec-2019

PG DG attendance Jan 2020

PG Kayachikitsa attendance december -2019

PG Kayachikitsa attendance Jan 2020

PG Shalyatantra attendance dec-2019

PG Shalyatantra attendance Jan 2020

RSBK PG Attendance dec 2019

RSBK PG Attendance Jan 2020

Teaching Staff attandence-Dec - 2019

Teaching Staff attandence-Jan 2020