Dravya guna

Dravya guna
Dravya guna department

According to, one of the renowned scholars of Dravyaguna of yester year, Professor P.V Sharma, Dravyaguna is a science which deals with Guha(properties), Karma(Action) and their therapeutic uses(prayoga). Acharyas used medicinal plants judiciously as food and medicine. For the knowledge purpose, we can broadly classify into four subheadings.
1 Namarupa Vijnana(Pharmacognosy)
2 Gunakarma Vijnana(Pharmacology)
3 Aushadhi Yoga Vijnana (Pharmaceutics)
4Aushadhi Prayoga Vijnana (Pharmaco-therapeutics/ Clinical Pharmacology)
Dravyaguna department consists of well qualified staff for conducting the theory and practical classes, herbal garden(Vanoushadhi udhyanavana) which has been spread over 5.5 acres of land. The total number of medicinal plants available in our garden are approximately more than 9000.
Dravyaguna department consists of well equipped museum, practical laboratory, departmental library, study models, charts and Post-graduation-M.D(Dravyaguna) is also existing in our department.